Vehicle Wrap For HiAce Van

Branded Vehicle Signage Pays For Itself

The Client

KLEVER is a premium carpet cleaning company covering most Auckland homes and businesses. KLEVER’s promise is the ‘best clean humanly possible’ with a customer experience that is unmatched by the competition.

To achieve their premium positioning, KLEVER developed unique systems and processes and invested heavily in staff training, technology and creating a premium look and feel for their brand.

Owner Che Boielle, says “The carpet cleaning industry is full of small operators in unmarked vans who provide questionable levels of service and cleaning. Our premium service means we charge a little more than these guys so it’s vital for us to powerfully differentiate ourselves from everyone else.”


Van Wrap For Company Van


2012 Toyota HiAce


Full vehicle wrap including bumpers and roof


Brendon Tait

The Problem

After visiting and talking to multiple signage companies about van wraps Che had been left feeling disappointed.

“One company took days to reply to emails and then was rude when I questioned their slowness. Another quoted around $7,000 for digitally printing the entire van’s wrap. I was not finding the crack team of suppliers I was hoping for” he says.

Another problem faced by Che was communicating his vision with his less than zero design ability. “I drew a terrible picture of the idea that was floating around in my head. Brendon managed to envision what i was aiming for and took it to a level i didn’t know was possible.

The Solution

Enter, The Sign Studio… Owner Brendon Tait, sat down with Che to fully understand his vision & objectives for the vehicle wraps and his business in general. “The aim of our first consultation is understanding and determining if we can deliver on the client’s vision while accommodating their budget.”

During this consultation process the team at The Sign Studio discovered they could immediately save him nearly $2,000 from competitors quotes by limiting the more expensive digital printing to smaller areas of the design.

Owner, Brendon Tait says; “It’s easy or maybe lazy to charge a customer for wall to wall digitally printed signage. Finding ways to save the client money and get the same result is harder and involves us knowing our stuff and then educating the customer about the pros and cons of the various options available.”

Che says this initial conversation with Brendon is what sealed the deal between KLEVER and The Sign Studio. “Being new to Auckland, I’m still building my network of suppliers. When it came to vehicle signage, I felt I was being gouged and kept ignorant by some of the quotes, whereas Brendon took his time to educate me and was exceptionally responsive and quick in replying to questions on email and phone.

After initial conversations, The Sign Studio begins the design process using the logo files provided by the client. KLEVER’S 3 point design brief was clear. Their vans had to look premium compared to all competitors. To achieve this, The Sign Studio team researched the major players in New Zealand and reviewed their designs and branding to ensure they went further with their design.

The next criteria was to stand out when on the road, or as Che puts it, “they need to POP, I want the vans to be seen from a kilometer away!” For this they decided to use the core brand colour of Pink as the background for the entire van wrap.

The final criteria was for a clean, flat style design that showcases the branding and logo with minimal other information to distract from that core message. To achieve this goal, the designs used an over-sized logo to cover the entire side of the van and even spill around the edges. The only other text on the vehicle is the contact info and slogan. This creates a refined and professional look more synonymous with big global brands more than a small local business.

The Result

The final result is very recognizable and eye catching pink van that stands out in traffic like few others can. Che also believes the strong branding and slick design helps justify higher prices and gives his clients confidence in the service they are about to receive as well.

Furthermore, Che reports that just 3 weeks after applying the van signage KLEVER’S detailed call tracking has recorded a 300% increase in calls directly generated by the van’s signage.

“The difference is astonishing. We went from an average of 1.4 calls per week being attributed to van sightings to exactly 4.2 per week. We’re not guessing about these numbers, we ask every client how they found us and the data is recorded”

Che estimates the increase in calls and jobs generated by the new van signage will deliver a positive return on investment within around 3-5 months.

“Based on the number of calls that we’re getting the signage is generating around $2,000 of new business each month. At this rate, the wrap will pay for itself very quickly”

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